The home of brilliant and virtuoso financial advice! Gloworth Consulting is a Pretoria-based small accounting and tax practice borne out of a passion to bridge the gap between fellow small-to-medium and micro enterprises and government departments, financial institutions and various other stakeholders. As the big and mid-tier accounting firms scramble to meet the new mandates created by new standards and acts for publicly traded companies, the needs of smaller businesses have in many cases been left in limbo. Realising that the survival agenda of the South African economy hinges heavily on the success of these often neglected and under-serviced small businesses, we at Gloworth Consulting have decided to make a difference. We have committed ourselves to the cause of rescuing those small businesses sooner rather than later by introducing a new breed of number-crunching accounting boffins, to guide you through the accounting and tax clutter. 

Our size makes it easier for us to be innovative, insightful, perceptive, agile, caring, responsive and sensitive to both your particular plight and needs. It is again for the same reason and the fact that we offer personalized services; that we are able to build sustainable relationships with our clients.


We aim to be the leading and widely sought-after firm of financial and business consultants in the small to medium enterprises community.


The provision of professional, excellent, brilliant and affordable accounting, taxation and general business consulting to the small-to-medium enterprises community; who are the raison d’être for our existence.

Committed To Excellence!

“ we take over your entire accounting function thus freeing up time and resources for you to take the backseat and focus on growing your business ”

Edric Jeche


At Gloworth Consulting we are so much more than just accounting and tax. Whilst accounting and taxation are our flagship services, we do offer a variety of other business-related services to include payroll (PAYE, UIF, COID and other contributions) company registrations and BBBEE certificates among others.